Tumblr is for Girls: Disidentification, Failure and Passive Masochism in the Artwork of Girls on Tumblr

  In this essay I will examine the artwork produced by girls, about girlhood as found on the online on micro blogging platform Tumblr. I will then analyze the work deploying Jose Esteban Munoz’s theory of disidentification. Disidentification is a strategy where someone of a marginal identity appropriates materials and behaviors that are normalized by the dominant narrative and in doing so subverts that normalcy. I will also apply J Halberstam’s notions of failing and passive masochism. Halberstam suggests that chosen complicity can be a form of resistance and subversion. In the case of girls this looks like weaponizing stereotypes of girlishness such as emotional visibility, the color pink, softness, bodies and the bedroom.